Wormaxio is an online multiplayer Io game available to play for free on the web. In the game, you are supposed to control your worm as it moves around the map and collect those shiny balls to grow larger. However, be very careful as you should not run into other players. Of course, as you are moving around the screen, you will locate awful powerups which can be used on your worm and for sure, this is going to make the game more fun. At the end of the day, you might be the mightiest worm in the server.

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Wormaxio - Crawl Like a Worm

Goal of Wormax.io Game

Let me just tell you what you are up for in the game. So you just need to move around collect the dots to grow bigger... Make your worm as long as possible and that's it!
Warning: Unlike other games, you can't run over other players in Wormaxio. That makes the game quite different. Play wormaxio unblocked.

Your worm can crawl and pick up food and booster shown on the map. Once your length increases, a lot of skills will come your way. You can also increase your worm's ability in the game. Here are a few skills you can upgrade in the game.
g- And that's acceleration (but not due to gravity)! Improving acceleration skills help your worm to move faster around the map. Press the LMB or 'Q' button to activate this upgrade.

Note: In Wormaxio, you don't get the skill upgrade forever. Instead, you have to spend your length points and use the upgrades. For instance, using acceleration will reduce 10 length score from your worm.

If you press and hold that ‘W' button, your worm will come to a halt but not for more than 5 seconds. Using this upgrade requires 100 length points. To get more length points, you must collect the dots scattered across the map.

Ghost Mode
The worm can temporarily enter into ghost mode and while it's a ghost, it becomes transparent and can even pass through other worms (without being on its last legs). These are just a few controls of the game and we don't want you to learn everything here. Try the game yourself and see how much of an interesting stuff it is.

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Wormaxio is one of the most popular Io games out there. It's not exactly like Agario or Diepio but more of a 'Slitherio' copy. If you are good at Slitherio, Wormaxio won't be a problem for you. The only difference between Slitherio and Wormaxio is that in Slitherio, you control a Slither snake but in Wormaxio, a worm awaits your command. The unblocked version of Wormaxio powered by private servers can be played via any network. You can play Wormax.io on the go on your smartphone using your web browser (you must have internet connection). There aren't any special requirements for Wormaxio but a constant internet connection is a must. You can play wormaxio unblocked on our fast private server.

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So keep crawling like a worm and use your skills to be on top of the Wormaxio leaderboard!