wormax.io 2

Welcome to the world of worms! In the game “wormax.io 2” real worm wars are waiting for you! In this multiplayer browser game you are lucky enough to encounter players from all over the world. Before you get to the arena, you need to enter a nickname and select a skin. At first, there will be only one open skin in open access. To open others, you must use one of the social networks. Just a couple of clicks and you will have the coolest worm.

How to play?
Now it's time to go to the arena. So, as the game received an updated gameplay, many pleasant surprises await you. Now the worms have three lives. This will help you to reach the incredible size and become the largest worm on the map. Having lost a life when confronted with an opponent, your pet will be fun to modify. He will become very battered and he will have abrasion wounds.

First, your worm will be very tiny and you need to feed it to grow. Collect various snacks that are generously scattered across the entire map: mushrooms, berries, flowers and other goodies. Gradually, your pet will gain weight and become just huge.

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